Ditidaht Kids Video Game

Download and use our free interactive video game!

Ditidaht Kids is a 12-level game designed to help pre-K children (ages 3-6) learn about Ditidaht traditional territory, while listening to songs and playing games that emphasize the diiʔdiiʔtidq language. Our game has been developed with extensive consultation from elder teachers, knowledge keepers, fluent speakers, historians and parents to ensure the game is not only fun but true to Ditidaht ways. This project has been made possible by extensive support from the Ditidaht First Nation and generous contributions from the First Peoples Cultural Council.

This project began in early 2020 with numerous contributions from various people.

Dorothy Shepherd – Consulting elder and language specialist

Dave Mason – Project coordinator

Victor Temprano and the team at Mapster Tech – Web/game development

Debbie Jeffrey – Voice and singing performance

Jack Thompson – Singing and writing  

Cyril Edgar – Singing and writing 

Esther Edgar – Singing and writing 

Tina Joseph – Research and production

Julie Joseph – Cultural design and illustration

Chelsea Horton – Consulting historian

Edison Yan – Illustrations

Sarah Tom – Educational content consultation and testing

Crystal Watts – Preschool testing and consultation

Liam Wake & Lobby Studios – sound design and production

KW studios Vancouver – Technical sound recording. 

While this game is designed for Ditidaht youth to connect with their language and territory, it is also designed to help all children connect with our way of live, territory and language. It’s also great for older kids and the really old kids we call adults! If you are an educator, we have developed some teaching resources to be used along side the game that can be found here.

For media contacts please reach out to Dave Mason or Tina Joseph